Wilson Dixon: For the First Time. Again.

The cowboy philosopher is back in town!

Hailing from Cripple Creek Colorado, the award-winning WILSON DIXON brings his unique brand of laconic storytelling and hilarious songs back to the UK.

Wilson heads to the these waters to escape his laid-back country lifestyle where things are falling apart at the seams: songs about heartbreak, wheat, and farm animals are no problem for Wilson, but country music about terrorism and neoliberal monetary policy are a bit harder… well, three chords just doesn’t feel like enough chords anymore.

All the while, his attempts to meet new women are made difficult when living next door to his ex-wife Maureen (who’s opening his mail). And when Wilson finally does find romance, what will his aggressive and moody horse Andrew make of his new love interest?

Star of BBC Radio 2’s The Wilson Dixon Line, and seen supporting Stewart Lee on tour. Wilson is a Chortle Award nominee and three-time Barry Award (Melbourne International Comedy Festival) nominee.


‘Deadpan delivery of some of the funniest songs you’ll ever hear’
Time Out

‘Surprisingly gag-packed… with the sort of nuanced performance and subtly humour that have already made cult stars of Flight of the Conchords’

‘Far better than the usual genre parodists, reflecting cosmic cowboy tunes reflected through a bewildering stoned-rural-mystic persona’ Stewart Lee

‘Gut-bustingly funny… beautifully crafted songs that really impress’
The Scotsman

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