UNION is a genuinely quite brilliant comedy night. It’s held monthly at one of London’s best comedy venues, with an excellent line-up, and tickets are free.

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We’ll only share the full line-ups for each show on Patreon or our mailing list, but we can tell you that our previous Union shows featured the likes of SIMON AMSTELL, BRIDGET CHRISTIE, JOHN KEARNS, NINA CONTI, SAM CAMPBELL, AISLING BEA, NIGEL NG and more.

*You can cancel anytime. No obligation beyond one month and one show. Though with the many other Patreon perks on offer, we hope you’ll stick around.

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Dates / Venues

Tuesday September 14
2Northdown, LONDON
Doors 7.30pm
Show 7.45pm to 9.30pm

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