The Elis James & John Robins & Matthew Crosby & Ed Gamble Show

*This live online event took place on May 31. An on-demand version is now available here*

Its the showdown you’ve all been waiting for, commercial digital indie wunderkind’s finally take on terrestrial radio’s youngest DJs!

The show is just under two hours’ worth of #content – featuring the four hostmen vibing their way through many of their beloved radio show features. There’s special guests John Kearns and Josh Widdicombe, a little bit of bad language, and some classic Robins’ Rage.


Rental costs £6 – with £1 from every rental shared between two charities; Welsh Women’s Aid and Standing Together Against Domestic Violence. Once you’ve purchased, you have 48 hours to start and finish watching the show.

*Now only available until July 12*

Any ticketing or technical issues, please read our FAQs.


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