Fringe 15 – Yve Blake: Lie Collector

Yve Blake asks the internet ‘What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?’ The answers – from thus far over 2000 people in 154 cities – become bold, spectacular musical comedy. And costumes. And dancebreaks. Prepare to hear about a faked pregnancy, to behold a gown made of pizza, and to be both dazzled and disturbed as Yve takes a journey into the truths behind lies. The 2015 Vault Festival sell-out hits Edinburgh.


‘As lively as a BuzzFeed list of cat GIFs’
Evening Standard

‘Truly special and unique’

Praise for previous show:

‘Sheer ingenuity’
Time Out

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5.20pm AUG 5-16, 18-30; Pleasance Dome, EDINBURGH
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