Fringe 13 – BEATS by Kieran Hurley

BEATS is a coming-of-age story exploring rebellion, apathy and the irresistible power of gathered youth. With techno. Lots of techno. Following its sell-out run at the Traverse Theatre during last year’s Edinburgh Fringe, Kieran Hurley’s exhilarating tale returns for ten nights.

BEATS tells the story of Johnno McCreadie, a teenage living in a small suburban Scottish town at the time of the 1994 Criminal Justice Act – a new piece of legislation which effectively outlawed raves, or “public gatherings around amplified music characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats.”

Best New Play at Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland (CATS) 2012 – Winner
Best Newcomer at The Stage Edinburgh Awards 2012 – Nominee
The Arches Platform 18 Behaviour Award 2012 – Winner

Written and performed by Kieran Hurley – one of Scotland’s brightest young theatre talents – with live DJ (original mix by Johnny Whoop) and live visuals by Jamie Wardrop.


“A tremendous piece of storytelling that takes us back to 1994… One of the best shows of the Edinburgh Festival last year”
The Guardian

“An impressive piece of storytelling”
The Times

“Kieran Hurley is a gawky spellbinder”
Sunday Times

“An outstanding show; clever, ruthless, compassionate, full of political insight… with a subtlety, humanity that takes the breath away”
The Scotsman

“The most exhilarating, urgent response to the events of last summer (2011 UK riots) that Ive ever seen. A must”
The Independent

“Hurley delivers the performance with an eye-popping intensity”
Time Out

“An original, urgent piece of theatre”
The Telegraph

“Deceptively brilliant”
The Herald

“Beats is theatre at its most vital and electrifying”

“A truly intelligent and magical performance”
Edinburgh Evening News

“This is immersive storytelling of a rare variety and is genuinely fascinating”
What’s On Stage

“A pitch-perfect period piece”
Fest Mag

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AUG 2 – 11; Pleasance Courtyard, EDINBURGH – Dates Passed

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