Fringe 15 – Diane Chorley: Duchess Of Canvey

Join Diane, former owner of Eighties’ Essex nightclub The Flick, and her band The Buffet, for a glitzy, fun-filled musical spectacular, amongst comic tales of her troubled and infamous past.

Diane ran the most popular, celeb-filled nightclub in Essex in the Eighties. She was hailed the Duchess of Canvey. But when the truth behind the garish curtains was uncovered, she was sent to prison and the club closed down. Since her release, she’s relocated to Hackney, tracked down her adoring partner Ron, found new members for her backing band and has been performing to packed crowds across East London for the past two years: singing the night away and sharing her memoirs of how she flew too close to the mirror ball.

Supported by Soho Theatre


‘Raucously jolly… more knees up than stand-up… as funny as a musical gig gets’
The Evening Standard

‘She’s alluring, exciting, unique’
The Times

‘There’ll be comedy, there’ll be hair, there’ll be music… but most of all there’ll be a whole load of fun’

‘A riot of a show… this is a party that you won’t want to miss’
Time Out

‘Diane Chorley, an Essex nightclub owner fronting a tight indie pop band whilst recounting her 80’s fall from grace, was the most fun I had in a comedy show this summer.’
Stewart Lee

‘The darkest, driest, most hilarious ex-con I’ve ever met. I love Diane Chorley, she brings a working men’s club to its knees.’
Eva Wiseman (of The Observer)

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AUG 5-16, 18-31; Underbelly Potterrow, EDINBURGH
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