Comedian Dies In The Middle Of Joke

November 1983, comedian Joe ‘Pops’ Pooley is headlining his local comedy club and no one’s laughing. April 2013: with your help, his murder is reconstructed. Re-live Joe’s last set over and over and over again. When your time comes, can you die with some dignity?

This is an interactive piece of auto-theatre set in an eighties comedy club, devised by Time Out award-winning Ross Sutherland. Choose any role you like: from bouncer, barman, critic, a member of the rowdy party table, or even the comedian himself.

“Sutherland’s innovative piece of theatre is a true celebration of the audience and what they’re capable of” – ★★★★ The Scotsman

“A Choose Your Own Adventure of a comedy gig… It’s a lot of fun” – ★★★★ The Independent

“An ambitious, interactive experiment in which the audience is the show” – ★★★★ The Mail on Sunday