Coelacanth by Ben Moor

From the imagination of Ben Moor, one of the Edinburgh Fringe’s most lauded comedy writing talents, comes an extraordinary tale of love, loneliness, tree climbing and deeply oblivious fish.

She’s a rising star in the sport of competitive tree climbing; he’s a quiet nonentity. How they fall in love isn’t the story. Staying together when the world is filled with imaginary flat mates, underground Compliment Clubs and Satanic jazz bands – that’s the story.

Coelacanth (pronounced see-la-kanth) was adapted for BBC Radio Four, won a Herald Angel Award in 2005 and earned Ben a Best Actor Award nomination from The Stage.

“Storytelling as funny as it is beautiful” – ★★★★ The Guardian

“Irreverent, inventive and hauntingly beautiful” – ★★★★ The Times

“Surreal and charming… clever and witty without being overbearing. This is a show of quietly confident quality with a poignant ending full of resonances. This is thought-provoking stuff” – ★★★★ Metro