Simon Munnery; Hats Off To The 101ers, And Other Material

Simon Munnery presents a brand new show. A beautiful, extravagant mess of foaming bubble hats, bad guitar riffs, sublime jokes, delightful monologues, homemade engineering feats and an overly ambitious one-man punk musical about the R101 airship of the 1930s. All performed with a plum. Or some other fruit.

Star of BBC2’s Attention Scum, London Shouting, Radio 1’s The League Against Tedium and Radio 4’s Where Did It All Go Wrong? As on BBC2’s Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle. British Comedy Award Nominee, Sony Radio Award Winner, Perrier Award Nominee.

“There are more brilliant ideas in one of Simon Munnery’s shows than most comics will manage in a lifetime”The Times, 2011

“Simon Munnery is nothing less than a genius”The Guardian, 2011

“He remains a weird and wonderful maverick. Probably one of the funniest things you’ll see this year” The Metro, 2011

“He does more with the English language than many great novelists” Edinburgh Evening News, 2011